Mobile Security Patrols Cannock

At goodguard services and can provide mobile security patrols for your unattended premises. Our mobile patrol units not only protect and deter any intruders or thieves, but also give an early detection of fire, flood and perhaps that small open window.

During the night one of our fully trained professional patrols would patrol the premises in a high profile vehicle to ensure that everything is secure and in order. The time of each patrol would be on a random basis and electronically recorded on our computer system, which is 100% tamperproof. Our system records the number of visits made to the premises and print outs emailed to you on a 2 weekly basis.

Mobile Patrol Units

All our mobile patrol units are in mobile phone contact with our control as standard.

  • Full status report completed after every visit on a nightly basis.
  • All suspicious activity is noted and investigated straight away.
  • In the event of a break in or criminal damage the police and the client would be notified straight away.
  • Wait for further services to arrive in the event of an incident i.e boarding services, keyholder or alarm engineer.
  • We will liaise with the police in the event of a break in or criminal damage.
  • Ensure that the premises are secure on departure.

The provision of a mobile patrol will ensure that our client has one of the best physical deterrents possible. Warning signs are displayed at all of the premises we patrol as a visible deterrent in themselves.

If you would like to discuss more about our mobile security patrol service then please contact Goodguard services today, on 01543 505350.

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