Mobile Patrol Security Guarding

At Goodguard Services we can offer mobile patrol security guarding in Cannock and the surrounding areas. While CCTV are good deterrents, they cannot provide the same level of security required as a mobile patrol security guard. Our fully trained professional uniformed guards are high profile and will provide the best physical deterrent possible.

We can provide security guards for multiple sites, large properties, receptions, fire prevention and access control. All our guards are equipped with mobile phones with direct contact with the control room.

Static and Mobile Patrols

At Goodguard Services we also operate a computerised guard control system which allows us to record the time and place and of each patrol. Print outs of all patrols are e-mailed on a 2 weekly basis. A detailed log of the day to day or evening events are also kept for later reference, should this be required.

  • High standard of appearance and conduct for all our security guards.
  • Regular contact between our management and clients, giving you the best service throughout the length of the service.
  • Detailed day to day and evening logs.
  • Random supervisory visits are made to all premises, to ensure all our guards are being vigilant.
  • Fully trained uniformed guards.
  • Computerised guard control system.

If you would like to discuss mobile patrol security then please contact Goodguard Services today, on 01543 505350.

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